Wednesday, September 25, 2013

FREE STUFF @ POP MONTREAL 2013 (free drinks, later?)

POP Montreal's free events are very easy to browse through. Here are a few that stood out.

POP Montreal 2013 Opening Party!
6pm – 7:30pm
Complimentary drinks and snacks!
Special musical guests! FREE!
Puce POP's Opening Party
Thursday, September 26th
4pm to 8pm – drinks! 

Sep. 26, 3:45 PM at Quartiers POP

''Can small-scale forms of culture stay small as they develop into critical, ambitious, long-term careers and projects? Should they? Experts on “scene” address DIY culture and its professionalization and evolution>> Dawson Professor, Miranda Campbell specializes in creative work by youth. She also coordinates Montreal’s Rock Camp for Girls. >> Writer, musician, DJ and filmmaker Ian Svenonius started in DC punk band Nation of Ulysses and has played in Weird War, Chain and the Gang and The Make-Up. >> Meyer Billurcu founded Montreal concert promotion company Blue Skies Turn Black and has been popular ever since. FREE! ''
VOICES FROM BEYOND: THE EVP PROJECTInstallation Open Daily, Sept. 25-29Opening Vernissage Sept. 25, 5-7pm3ieme etage, Quartiers POP
In this special project created especially for POP Montreal, 10 female media artists – Erin Sexton, Ruby Kato-Attwood, Malena Szlam, Kara Blake, Elisabeth Belliveau, Leslie Supnet, Doreen Girard, Irene Bindi, Gwen Trutnau and Andrea Roberts, with veteran performance/video artist Kathy Rose acting as project mentor – were commissioned to make a film or installation piece that addresses the concept of Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVP is the process of using technological apparatuses – recording devices, radio broadcasts, telephones, video static, computers, white noise – to allow for communication with the spirit world, or with alternate dimensions. The third floor of our POP Quarters building will be decked out in creepiness throughout the fest, with an opening vernissage from 5-7pm on Wednesday September 25th that includes a live performance piece by Doreen Girard. FREE!

Opening Vernissage Sept. 25, 5-7pm
3ieme etage, Quartiers POP

Installation Open Daily, Sept. 25-29
Inspired by an installation created by Charles Gagnon’s at Expo 67, this cube-shaped installation piece explores the friction between technological advancement as creative integration versus creative atrophy. Montreal artists Matthew Rankin, Fran├žois Miron, Dominic Gagnon and Walter Forsberg were commissioned by the Suoni per il Popolo Festival and curator Kier-La Janisse to provide experimental/found footage film loops and a series of still images that collectively compose a frenetic critique of the evolution of audio-visual technology and a sense of dystopian ‘future shock’, accompanied by original sound design by analogue synthesist Jeremy Schmidt of Black Mountain and Sinoia Caves. FREE!
25-29 sept. 2013
Quartier POP (3450 St-Urbain)
OPENING PARTY: 25 sept, 18 h – 19 h 30
“A jaw-dropping look at the All Time Hit Parade of Rejection” - John Waters
“Best-ever gateway to the infinitely peculiar multiverse of self-published phonograph records” - William Gibson
An exhibit of vinyl drawn from Enjoy The Experience, the book that Larry Clark calls “The Greatest Coffee Table Book Ever Made.”
From the 1950s through the arrival of the CD in the early 1990s, small record pressing plants across the US helped thousands of musicians capture on vinyl the sounds they heard in their heads. Often the only audience for their records proved to be friends and family; sometimes they never made it out of unopened boxes in the artist’s garage. This never discouraged all these pizza parlor organists, funk bands aspiring to become the JBs, high school bands performing all of Jesus Christ Superstar, cult leaders who never found the right cult, jazz bands inspired to forge a new stream, these artists committed themselves to vinyl, even though they were rejected by an industry not understanding of the weird and splendidly bizarre. The records showcased in the Enjoy The Experience book and exhibit are funkier, more psychedelic, more idiosyncratic and more emotionally rewarding than the mainstream music products of the same era.
The graphics are often insanely amazing: confusing, crazy, howlingly funny but always providing a true sense of the human hand present. They’ve got that homemade vibe that we constantly crave in these screen-saturated days. Enjoy The Experience is a snapshot of America in the second half of the 20th century, telling the stories of brave souls who took the plunge and committed their musical vision to wax.

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