Friday, June 28, 2013

Research Study on Social Media - completed through Facebook! (make 30$/month for 1 year)

I just gave Lyndsie a call and it turns out that I'm the first person signed up for this super cool research project conducted solely through a Facebook group. Give her a call ASAP, as these spots need to be filled: either today before 8pm (montreal time), or next Monday or, you know, whenever you see this. When she asks you where you saw this ad, YOU TELL HER THE TRUTH. Ok, good luck!

Via Craigslist

Hi my name is Lyndsie and I work for Elliott Benson research, We are doing a paid social media study for residents of Canada ages 16-26. This is a paid study. We are paying $30 a month to log into Facebook a few times a month and answer a few questions. If interested please give us a call. Ask for LYNDSIE!!!


Please pass this along to friends or family who may be interested.

Our company, Elliott Benson Research, is currently conducting a creative research study in all major cities across the US and Canada on the topic of social media.

We greatly value your time and insight. We are paying $30/month to join a panel where our client can call upon you to participate in small surveys and activities over the course of the year. If they ask you to participate, you will receive a bonus that month. This is a fun and exclusive opportunity to express your opinions without any sales involved!

If you are interested in joining this research study please give us a call at 916.868.6075 or 888.244.3991. (out of service, but somehow I can call from Gmail Phone...)

Please reference project "FOREST".

Our company, Elliott Benson Research, is a Sacramento-based research firm conducting research studies nationwide on a variety of both business and consumer topics. We believe you will find the experience interesting and enjoyable. For more information about Elliott Benson Research please visit


  1. It says the 888 number is out of service!

  2. Hi!
    I'm not sure why, but it works when you call from Gmail Phone!

  3. there's a bunch of other criteria you should know about, you need to be in school and working part-time (unless you're over 23 in which case you just need to be employed) and you need to have a smartphone


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